Who Are You?

A mom?
A career title?
Someone’s partner?
A juggler of countless hats/titles/roles?

Yeah… me too.

In 2020 our world endured a global pandemic, I was halfway through my graduate degree, and I unexpectedly became pregnant. After my little guy was born I pushed (hard) to finish my degree and graduate assistantship. Heck, hours after baby Liam was born I was frantically grading student essays and answering emails from my hospital bed.

I had worked hard to build my identity and motherhood hadn’t been an intrinsic (or even potential) part of the plan. 

Due to various personal, financial, and geographical reasons, I opted to stay home with our little guy and my days went from 14 hour work days as a professor, a student, a dental assistant, to endless work days consisting of poop filled diapers (is that color normal?), sweatpants, and snacks (how can we need to eat again?), and breastfeeding (good-bye push-up bras). Currently, I work 20 hours a week remotely so I can partake in the balancing act of working-from-home and being a stay-at-home mom. 

I felt a little lost. Don’t get me wrong, becoming a mother is an incredible, life-changing experience, and I am so blessed to spend this invaluable time raising my small human and teaching how the importance of making our corner of the world better… but it does get a littler repetitive, a little long, a little lonely, a little… well… empty. 26 years of building my identity was moot and suddenly I wasn’t sure who I was anymore. Where did the title of “Mom” end and “I” began.

Who Was I?

I am slowly rediscovering myself and uncovering new things about myself. It’s an imperfect, messy, slow, glorious process. Welcome to the journey; it’s a breathtakingly beautiful one.

While, I might not be able to answer all (or any) of those original questions for you, I strive to provide you with resources, laughs, camaraderie, and the simple reminder that you are not alone – in hopes to help make this journey of motherhood and self-discovery a little easier.

For all you mammas who need a minute… this blog is for you!